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You can also get a little more content over at  my LJ promotion post.

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The Writer Mom Made

I wanted to take a moment to share my mom with you guys in honor of her birthday and Mother’s Day. I hope you will have a look.

My post is now live at Science In My Fiction » (W)hole Hearted

via Science In My Fiction » Blog Archive » (W)hole Hearted.

“My King Sojourn” is my latest post up at the Apex Book Company Blog.  I’d love for you to join the discussion over there.

via My King Sojourn | Apex Book Company.

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my publications page with links to the blog posts I wrote for Apex and Science in My Fiction from August until now. I’ve hit my year blogging with @apexbookcompany and will hit my anniversary with @sciinmyfi in May. I picked up a new market, EMG Zine. I realized I’d be getting fresh traffic from that post and decided to refresh this site to greet them properly. Now I just need to make more fiction sales to add to the sheet and I will be happy.

Hello to the new faces and old friends stopping by my site. Hope you guys are doing well. Leave me a comment and let me know you’ve visited.

scienceMy latest blog entry, Dead Lakes, Dying Seas, was posted last Monday at Science In My Fiction. It was a continuation of my discussion on Tenochtitlan and it also touches on the  Aral Sea. Check out my entry, throw a little discussion my way. Don’t stop there though! Please check out the other entries. We love lively discussion. Let me know what you think. The entry was picked up and rearranged a bit by i09. You can check it out there as well. http://io9.com/5625615/dead-lakes-dying-seas-human+made-natural-disasters

Yesterday’s art entry was But Can You Dance To It? by Kay Holt

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