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TreesMy blog here has been quiet for over a month. I’ve been busy writing. For those of you that have walked with me on my journey to practicing writer, I know you are happy to see this. I still work on balance. I often feel like I’ve let my friends down on various social networking sites; I simply don’t have time to follow them all like I used to.

I pick up reading that relates to what I am writing. My review work has slowed as a result. A couple of projects I have worked on, one related to reviews and the other related to promoting my friends, have taken a back seat to the fiction as I churn it out. I feel that I am dropping balls. This is behind the scenes where it impacts no one else with one exception. The writer scheduled to be featured this month seems as busy as I am. We can’t seem to get the time to connect like we want. It becomes a series of hits and missed. Yet, I know it will be fabulous when the time is right.

I have two more short stories planned for this month. Yeah, that’s right. We only have a week left. If I pull it off, I will have met my annual goal last year. I am really excited about the progress I am making. I am learning so much about the practice of writing. For now, I must head back to my fictional Nebraska. Man is it cold there!

How are you guys doing? Read anything good lately? If you write, how’s that going?


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