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scienceMy latest blog entry, The Economics of Epidemics was posted last Friday at Science In My Fiction. Check out my entry, throw a little discussion my way. Don’t stop there though! Please check out the other entries. We love lively discussion. Let me know what you think.

Today’s entry is The Limits of Knowledge, Part IV: Too Clever for Its Own Good by Calvin Johnson.

My next entry will have to do with pets and science or the science of pets. It goes up two weeks from last Friday. Have any suggestions?


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Apex Book Company Blog

Christopher Kastensmidt’s “The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara” was my main reason for subscribing to Realms of Fantasy this year.  I’d been reading about the world Christopher was building thanks to the website he developed to serve as its landing page, The Elephant and Macaw Banner, and had to get my hands on the first story in the series. Read more of my interview with Christopher Kastensmidt

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Apex Update

Apex News:
Apex Summer of Love
We got T-shirts!
Bargain Basement Sale! – Aegri Somnia $10
Publishing Dark Faith – A Fantasy Magazine Interview
Apex Publications at Crypticon 2010 Courtesy of HauntedNight.com
Apex Summer of Love Part Two
Apex Magazine July, 2010 (Issue 14)
Welcome new slush editor Ferrett Steinmetz
The Labyrinth of the Dead sale ends Friday! (Last Friday)
When Darkness Loves Us – Reviewed
The Day Lufberry Won It All Contest
Don’t miss Murder and Mayhem! (Yes, this was last Saturday, but there is another one coming up soon.)
Apex Blog available on Kindle (Yay!!!!!)

Apex Blog:
Write What They Know  Jon Gibbs
Fear of Words Francesca Forrest
On the Road, Yeah… Sara M. Harvey
Living in a Box Tracy Dickens
Grief’s Meandering Journey Melissa Lenhardt
Interview with Christopher Kastensmidt M.G. Ellington
SLUSH LESSONS: What do I owe you? OR The Delicate Balance of Duties Between Submissions Editors and Writers Maggie Jamison
Summer Reading: A Mid-Season Update Eliyanna Kaiser
The Surreality of Online Life Michele Lee
On Faith and F(r)iction T.J. McIntyre
The Long and Short of It Benjamin Tate
But Really, What Do They Dream About? B.J. Burrow

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