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Apex Update Part 2

THE CHANGED by BJ Burrow enters second printing
Taste of Tenderlion Reviewed
Dark Faith Reviews and a Guest Post
Apex Magazine Reviewed by Pinoy POC
Apex Magazine (August) now available!

Apex Book Company Blog 

Catching you up on recent Apex news and Apex Blog posts to include teasers! (more…)


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Apex Update Part 1

Apex Book Company Blog

Catching you up on recent blog posts with links to each and a bit of text to intice you. (more…)

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scienceMy latest blog entry, Tenochtitlan and Floating Gardens, was posted last Monday at Science In My Fiction. Check out my entry, throw a little discussion my way. Don’t stop there though! Please check out the other entries. We love lively discussion. Let me know what you think. I also had one go up on July 23rd, Speaking Collars and Wonder Clones. It was a bit more personal than you are likely to find from me over there usually.

Today’s entry is Southpaws: The Hops in Humanity’s Beer? by Athena Andreadis.

My next entry will also involve Tenochtitlan. It goes up August 23rd.

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