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Join the Apex Army

Click on the Apex Book Company Blog banner to head over to my first guest blog post. My posts will appear on the first Tuesday of every month. Please leave me some comment love over there and boost the signal.

I am posting this one a little late. I came over here to do a little maintenance. I am hosting a roast for Jennifer Brozek this week and wanted to spiffy up the sit a bit before the guests arrive. I am totally loving my new header. It’s Apocalypse by Josee Holland which is rather appropriate for my first roasting victim.


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New bluePlease head over to my guest post on Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s LiveJournal. You may remember I posted my review of her work, The Halfling’s Court: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale recently. This is my first appearance as a guest blogger and would love your support! Go ahead. Toss a question my way over there!

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