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New blueHello guys. Many of you are engaging in acts of retail during the next few days. Please consider supporting some of the artists and writers on my list behind the cut. At my household we try to buy books for gifts as much as possible. It works because we have so many readers in our family. I’ve also purchased things like handmade jewelry from friends of mine in the past as gifts. It is important to me to find ways to support the creative types in my life. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t like I am pushing a large bankroll around. This above all reasons is why I also try to share the love and promote these works. Hey I might not have the cash, but you might. Your friends might. Beyond that, you may stumble upon some particular writer or artist or photographer that you beginto follow because the work moves you. That is my hope. Please spread the word. Please check out the links. Please make suggestions. I will do another one next week. Thanks guys.
Follow the link to my LJ post. Happy shopping.


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The StrangerTake Ron Malfi for example. He sent his friends an email this morning. Yeah, go ahead and ask this author where he gets his ideas! I got permission to share it with you. Hang with me till the end…

Hey Gang,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that my novella, “The Stranger,” was just released earlier this week from Delirium Books. It’s available only as a digital book and, as far as I’m aware at this moment, no hard copy will be published anytime soon. Here’s a quick synopsis:

“It happened outside a motel in rural Florida …A strange thing, a peculiar thing. At first, David thought it was simply a mistake—the stranger who sat behind the wheel of David’s own car in the parking lot of the roadside motel. Had the man gotten into the wrong car? Was he lost? Hurt? But when the doors are locked from the inside and a gun is set on the dashboard, David realizes this was no mistake. And that was when the insanity started…”

Basically, I came up with the idea for this story a while back while sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Jiffy Lube. There was a guy in a car next to me reading a newspaper. I watched him for a while then wondered what I would do if the guy were to…well…start eating his own hand.

Yes. This is how my mind works.

Anyway, it’s a fun story and I hope you enjoy it. It’s available for download for $3.95 exclusively at Horror-Mall: http://www.horror-mall.com/THE-STRANGER-by-Ronald-Malfi-Digital-Edition-p-20095.html

Thanks for the continued support!



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