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Image credit: R. Jay GaBany / http://www.cosmotography.com

This is the kind of breathtaking picture I get in my email on a weekly basis. I subscribe to a feed from The Year In Space. The site sends me a picture and a day by day breakdown of interesting facts regarding our romance with space. It also shares the timing of the moon’s phases for the month. This site gets much love from me.

Right now The Year In Space is offering free desk calendars to the first twenty people that blog about the site. I doubt I will get my link emailed in time. I don’t care really. (I got my link there in time!) It was a good reminder to share something I love with you. I hope you guys will go check The Year In Space out.

I know that I usually try to keep my posts here centered around my writing life. My ideas are often sparked by pictures and events that have happened in the past. I know I am not the only one. Here is hoping that you do subscribe and that inspiration finds you as a result.


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